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A Little-Noticed Fact About Trade: It’s No Longer Rising

Writing for the New York Times, Binyamin Applebaum explores current trends in global trade relations. According to the article, global trade volume plateaued in Q1 2016 as many countries shy away from globalization.

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It’s The Perfect Time To Invest In Emerging Markets

Seeking Alpha examines emerging markets today in this recent blog entry. In particular, the entry looks at the economies of China and Russia.

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Emerging Markets Q2 2016 Recap: Brexit Could Offer Silver Lining for Some

Mark Mobius looks at how the Emerging Markets fared in Q2 2016, including the impact of the Brexit vote on these economies.

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How China’s 13th Five-Year Plan Addresses Energy and the Environment

Writing for China File, Deborah Seligsohn from UC San Diego and Angel Hsu from Yale-National University of Singapore College examine China’s latest efforts to improve their environment. 

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Emerging Markets Q1 2016 Recap: A Turn in Fortunes

In his recent blog entry, Mark Mobius gives his overall impression of the Emerging Markets for Q1 2016. Countries analyzed include Russia, Brazil, China and India.

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Chinese Stock Plunge Forces a Trading Halt, and Global Markets Shudder

The New York Times has put together a summary of the recent Chinese market volatility which has triggered a halt to trading after a 7% drop for the second time this week. The article also includes links to two detailed infographics which help to show perspective on just how large a part China is of the broader global economy.

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China Selloff Not a Sign of a Worsening Economy

Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman tempers fears around the Chinese economy after markets sold off during the first week of 2016. He emphasizes the strength of the consumer economy in China and that current fears of Chinese investors revolve around the recently implemented 7% circuit breaker and other policy changes.

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What is an Emerging Market?

Are you curious what constitutes an Emerging Market and how this definition differs between index providers? Jonathan Wheatly writing for the Financial Times published this article in August of 2015 to help explain the classification process.

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Redefining EM: Choosing the Best Matrix

The Financial Times has run several articles in 2015 looking at Emerging Markets. This article published by James Kynge examines new ways companies are looking to define Emerging Markets.

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What Would a Fed Interest Rate Hike Mean for Markets?

All indications point to the Fed raising the fed funds rate in December. This recent article published by Knowledge@Wharton examines what the impact of this strategy means to the markets. Topics considered include why the Fed is now ready to start hiking the rate, how they will continue with their strategy and how this could impact economic growth.

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