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Brazil and Other Bright Spots in Latin America

Mark Mobius provides insight into the Emerging Markets of Latin America in his recent blog posting. In particular, he comments on the countries and economies of Mexico and Brazil.

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Emerging-Market Equity 2017 Outlook

What does 2017 have in store for Emerging Market investments? Will Federal Reserve decisions have a significant impact? Dr. Mark Mobius and Stephen Dover examine this topic in a recent blog entry in Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets.

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Emerging Markets Q2 2016 Recap: Brexit Could Offer Silver Lining for Some

Mark Mobius looks at how the Emerging Markets fared in Q2 2016, including the impact of the Brexit vote on these economies.

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Emerging Markets Q1 2016 Recap: A Turn in Fortunes

In his recent blog entry, Mark Mobius gives his overall impression of the Emerging Markets for Q1 2016. Countries analyzed include Russia, Brazil, China and India.

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India: Interest Rates, Inflation and Manufacturing Ambitions

In his recent post to Investment Adventures in Emerging Market, Mark Mobius explores the Indian economy, the third largest single economy in the world. According to Mobius, India is expected to outpace both the U.S. and China in growth. In particular, he looks at the impact of inflation as well as new government reforms on business and investment in the country.

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Story of China Still Intact Despite Market Downturn

In a recent blog entry, Mark Mobius examines the downturn in the Chinese stock market. Since mid-June, the domestic stock market in China has seen a 30% decline. In this article, Mobius provides the reader with insight into the causes of the downturn as well as how his team plans on investing in the region going forward.

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Once Forbidden Frontiers

In his blog, Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets, Mark Mobius explores the development of emerging and frontier markets and their investment potential. In particular, he examines the economies of China, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cuba.

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Will China’s Year of the Goat Bring Out the Market Bulls?

Eddie Chow, Senior Executive Vice President and Managing Direction of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group, is a recent guest contributor on Mark Mobius’ blog Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets.  In his article, Chow reflects upon the Chinese New Year and what it means for the Chinese economy. He considers several topics including the Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect Program and the government’s efforts to curb corruption.

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Africa’s Electrifying Future

What will drive African development? This question was discussed at the most recent Davos meeting. Growth in infrastructure will be a key component to this development.  In particular, expanding and strengthening its power supply will be crucial and is presenting exciting opportunities. Mark Mobius explores the current African electricity infrastructure and the various companies developing solutions in the region.

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Focus on Long-Term Fundamentals, Not Fears

In his latest blog entry, Dr. Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, offers his insight into the current volatility of the global marketplace. Using behavioral finance and traditional finance theory fundamentals, Mobius posits the benefits of holding fast to long-term investment goals in the face of a period of uncertainty.

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