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When Headlines Worry You, Bank on Investment Principles

With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and a range of uncertainties impacting the market, Dimensional has put this white paper together which reminds us as long-term investors to keep perspective on the principles of investing to help get through the tough times.

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Developing a Financial Plan You Can Stick With

Dimensional’s David Booth shares his perspective on what has been a historic 2022 for stock markets and the importance of maintaining investment discipline in the face of market uncertainty.

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On Climate Change, Some Politicians Need a Crash Course in Capitalism

Michael Bloomberg shares his thoughts on recent developments regarding the politically charged attempts to bring restrictions on ESG focused investments.  He argues that climate risk is financial risk and is an important factor for investors to consider.

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Ingenuity and the Investor

Weston Wellington of Dimensional Funds has put together this piece on the importance of innovation in creating better businesses and improving consumer’s lives.  As investors, we would all like to focus on companies that are driving innovation, but it’s difficult to predict which ideas will become successful as well as which firms would reap those benefits.  Weston proposes that owning a diversified portfolio is the most effective way to participate in the rewards of ingenuity and innovation.

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Market Returns through a Century of Recessions

What does a century of economic cycles teach investors about investing?  This interactive exhibit from DFA examines how stocks have behaved during US economic downturns.  Markets around the world have often rewarded investors even when economic activity has slowed.  This is an important lesson on the forward-looking nature of markets, highlighting how current market prices reflect market participants’ collective expectations for the future.

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