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Puerto Rico Declares a Form of Bankruptcy

In May, Puerto Rico declared bankruptcy so it could come out from under $123 billion of debt. Writing for the New York Times, Mary Williams Walsh examines how this bankruptcy came about and Puerto Rico’s efforts to move forward with their economy.

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Why are American Bond Yields Higher than Europe’s?

This recent article published in The Economist looks at the current trend in bond yields in the US and Europe.

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What History Tells Us About Your Investments in 2017

Writing for the Washington Post, Barry Ritholtz takes a look at historic market trends. How did the market react after past Presidential inaugurations? What have the bond markets done in the past? What can the CAPE ratio show us?

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Why Are U.S. Bonds Such a Secure Investment, Despite the Country’s Growing Debt?

Writing for Stanford Business School’s Insights, Matt Villano examines Professor Arvind Krishnamurthy  recent paper on U.S. Government Bonds.

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Can We Ignore the Alarm Bells the Bond Market Is Ringing?

Is the bond market still a good indicator of economic health and direction? Writing for the New York Times, Neil Irwin believes that the bond market may no longer be the gauge that it has been in the past.

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What Would a Fed Interest Rate Hike Mean for Markets?

All indications point to the Fed raising the fed funds rate in December. This recent article published by Knowledge@Wharton examines what the impact of this strategy means to the markets. Topics considered include why the Fed is now ready to start hiking the rate, how they will continue with their strategy and how this could impact economic growth.

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Why Are Interest Rates So Low?

Extremely low interest rates are a global, long-term trend. In his blog entry for the Brookings Institution, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, explores what truly influences interest rates. Is it Fed policies or a wide array of other economic factors?

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Warning – Falling (U.S. Treasury) Objects

Nigel Chalk and Jarkko Turunen of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Western Hemisphere Department explore the dramatic drop in US Treasury bond yields. On the IMF’s blog iMFdirect, Chalk and Turunen delve into the current state of the US economy to explain the behavior of the bond yields. Is it because of a strong dollar? Investor flight to safety?

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The Depressing Signals the Markets Are Sending About the Global Economy

Is there a global economic slowdown afoot? In this article, Neil Irwin of the New York Times examines how a downturn in foreign markets could impact the US and our economic recovery. In particular, he looks at key indicators such as bond yields, commodity prices, inflation and currency values. To borrow from John Donne “No man (or in this case country) is an island entire of itself.”

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