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The Chart Room

How Much of Your Nest Egg to Put Into Stocks? All of It

Writing for the New York Times, David Levine looks at the logistics of a portfolio invested 100% in stocks.

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Why Mutual Fund Managers Are Having a Bad Year

In this article, Ross Kerber of Reuters explores why 85% of active large-cap stock funds are lagging their benchmarks. Kerber explains how active managers are trying to attract attention to capture and retain business.

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The Illogic of Active Trading

More insight on behavioral finance from Carl Richards.
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Why Our Firm Uses DFA Funds

Dougal Williams, CFA offers his insight on the success of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) mutual funds in this article published by Advisor Perspectives.
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Warren Buffett to heirs: Put my estate in index funds

In this article from Market Watch, Buffett explains why he likes Index Funds and suggests that investors should “…ignore the chatter, keep your costs minimal, and invest in stocks as you would in a farm.”
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Index Funds, Dowdy to Some, Get a Notable Endorsement

Index Funds, Dowdy to Some, Get a Notable Endorsement Burton Malkiel, author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” and professor of economics at Princeton University shares his thoughts about the future of index funds and asset allocation.
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