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Low Interest Rates Worry the Fed. Ben Bernanke Has Some Ideas

Writing for the New York Times, Jeanna Smialek, Jim Tankersley and Ben Casselman look at statements made recently by former Chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.  In particular, the article looks at Bernanke’s opinions of the current interest rate environment and the actions of the Federal Reserve.

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An Unlikely Effect of Jack Bogle’s Creation: Helping to Keep Inflation Low

The legacy and impact of John “Jack” Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, is beautifully highlighted in this recent New York Times article by Jeff Sommer.

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You’ll Probably Live to Be 100. Here’s How You Need to Prepare For It

On average, we are living longer, healthier lives. Can our financial resources keep pace? Peter Vanham of the World Economic Forum reviews a recent study into this topic published by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott of the London Business School.

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The Lowdown on U.S. Core Inflation

Low inflation is a concern and focus of the Federal Reserve. A recent study published by the IMF looks at the relationship between unemployment and the inflation rate.

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What Would a Fed Interest Rate Hike Mean for Markets?

All indications point to the Fed raising the fed funds rate in December. This recent article published by Knowledge@Wharton examines what the impact of this strategy means to the markets. Topics considered include why the Fed is now ready to start hiking the rate, how they will continue with their strategy and how this could impact economic growth.

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India: Interest Rates, Inflation and Manufacturing Ambitions

In his recent post to Investment Adventures in Emerging Market, Mark Mobius explores the Indian economy, the third largest single economy in the world. According to Mobius, India is expected to outpace both the U.S. and China in growth. In particular, he looks at the impact of inflation as well as new government reforms on business and investment in the country.

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The Depressing Signals the Markets Are Sending About the Global Economy

Is there a global economic slowdown afoot? In this article, Neil Irwin of the New York Times examines how a downturn in foreign markets could impact the US and our economic recovery. In particular, he looks at key indicators such as bond yields, commodity prices, inflation and currency values. To borrow from John Donne “No man (or in this case country) is an island entire of itself.”

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