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Emerging Markets Experience a Healthy Correction in May

This recent post presented in Franklin Templeton Investments’ blog Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets looks at recent developments in Emerging Markets.  Analysis is given by  Emerging Markets Equity Chief Investment Officer Manraj Sekhon and Director of Portfolio Management Chetan Sehgal.

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Emerging Markets Are Bouncing Back From a Six-Year Slowdown

The current state of Emerging Market investments appears strong. Writing for the New York Times, Landon Thomas, Jr. looks at several emerging economies to gain insight into this recent positive boost.

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Pimco Adviser’s ‘Trade of a Decade’ Beckons in Emerging Markets

Writing for Bloomberg.com, Ben Bartenstein looks at Emerging Markets investments in the current economic environment. In particular, he interviews Christopher Brightman, CIO of Research Affiliates, to gain valuable insight for Bloomberg’s readers.

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What is an Emerging Market?

Are you curious what constitutes an Emerging Market and how this definition differs between index providers? Jonathan Wheatly writing for the Financial Times published this article in August of 2015 to help explain the classification process.

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Redefining EM: Choosing the Best Matrix

The Financial Times has run several articles in 2015 looking at Emerging Markets. This article published by James Kynge examines new ways companies are looking to define Emerging Markets.

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Is Europe Outperforming the United States?

In this recent article published by Knowledge@Wharton, Kalen Anev Janse compares wealth creation in both the European Union and the United States. Based upon how wealth is used in both societies, which economy truly has the competitive edge?

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Spain Outperforms Rest of Eurozone’s Big Four Amid Greek Debt Crisis

The Guardian’s economic editor, Larry Elliott, takes a look at Spain’s economy in the wake of the recent Greek debt crisis. Current studies show that Spain’s economy is growing and, per this article, is the best performer of the Eurozone’s big four economies.

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Redefining EM: Country Clusters Offer New Matrix

Peter Marber, Head of Emerging Market Investments at Loomis, Sayles & Co., provides his insight on emerging market economies in this latest article published by the Financial Times. Marber looks at the socio-economic progress of countries world-wide between 2003 and 2013 to understand the impact of globalization on the emerging markets.

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For Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, Greece Crisis is a Political Gift

A recent article by Tobias Buck for the Financial Times offers the reader the opportunity to compare and contrast the decisions made by the Spanish and Greek governments regarding austerity. Spain chose to adopt austerity measures that now have them on track for increasing economic growth per Spanish government forecasts.

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Grexit: To Be or Not To Be?

On June 30th, 2015, Greece defaulted on the International Monetary Fund and accelerated the possibility of their exit from the Eurozone. By the end of July, we should know if a “Grexit” will indeed be a reality. A Grexit will have a tremendous impact on the European and World economies. To help explain how a Grexit could happen and its ramifications, we are providing two recent articles on the topic.

The Wall Street Journal has published “What’s the Timetable to a Grexit” to help define how such an exit would be triggered and how it could still be avoided.

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In an interview for Knowledge@Wharton, Professor Jeremy Siegel provides analysis and context on the impact a Grexit could have on World, European and Greek economies.

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