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Why the Economy Might Not Sway 2020 Voters

2020 is just around the corner and American voters will head to the polls to elect the next President.  Does the performance of the U.S. economy factor into a voter’s decision making process?  Writing for the New York Times, Ben Casselman and Jim Tankersley explore this topic.

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France’s 2017 Presidential Election

Emmanuel Macron is the new President of France.  He defeated Marie La Pen and the National Front Party by a large margin to secure the presidency. Bloomberg provides a consolidated resource on its website that highlights the election and allows readers to gain deeper insight into the results.

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The Trump Administration: What to Expect

“Something between Reaganism and France’s National Front, probably.” states this article from The Economist which explores how the Republican Party will need to reconcile with Trump’s positions in what looks like a voter-revolt.

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Anti-Globalists: Why They’re Wrong

This recent article published by The Economist provides us with a background on the importance of globalization to the world economy. Within this explanation, the article outlines the current views of free-trade held by the Presidential Candidates.

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Factbox: Market Participants React to U.S. Presidential Debate

Curious how the recent presidential debate impacted the markets? This timely article from Reuters gives various reactions from market experts.

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Trump or Clinton? How the Election Will Impact the Economy

Knowledge@Wharton recently published this article, including an interview with Mark Zandi of Moody’s, to highlight the economic platforms put forward by both presidential candidates.

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Trump or Clinton: Who’s Better for Investors?

Presidential primaries and caucuses are in full swing! This week, John Kimelman writting for Barron’s looks at the potential impact two nominees could have on the markets should either become President of the United States.

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