Charitable Planning involves the integration of the client’s personal charitable concerns with his or her overall investment portfolio and estate planning. Specific issues which can be addressed through charitable planning include:

  • Maximizing the assets which pass to one’s family and charities while minimizing (or eliminating) the amount which goes to estate and income tax erosion.
  • Avoiding the capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated securities while potentially increasing one’s lifetime income and ultimately benefiting one’s favorite charities.
  • Passing on one’s social and charitable concerns to children and grandchildren through the creation of a personal Family Foundation or Family Donor Advised Fund.
  • Minimizing the income tax and estate tax erosion on one’s retirement plans at death while benefiting children and charities.

Under current laws, it is possible to reduce taxes, direct significant dollars to charities and maintain, or even increase, lifetime income for the donor and possibly, his or her children and grandchildren.