Consulting Services to Fiduciaries of Trusts, Foundations & Endowments

The Senior Principal of the firm has been in the investment planning business for more than 25 years providing consulting services to trustees and fiduciaries of endowment plans, non-profit organizations and family foundations. Acting in an independent consulting capacity, the firm assists trustees in meeting their fiduciary obligations, managing their portfolios and evaluating performance. Toward this end, Aequitas Investment Advisors provides the following services:

  • Review the organization’s existing Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and suggest revisions, if necessary. If one does not exist, assist the organization in working through the considerations necessary to prepare an IPS, including the establishment of suitable spending policies.
  • Assist the trustees in formulating an appropriate asset allocation strategy based upon the organization’s future financial requirements. Normally, the trustees are presented with several alternative asset mixes from which to select the one which will likely meet future financial objectives at an acceptable level of risk.
  • Within the framework and guidelines of the IPS, provide observations as to the performance of the current investment manager(s) compared to respective benchmarks. Provide recommendations as to changes and, if required, suggestions as to alternative managers depending upon the number of selected asset classes in the portfolio. Included is a review of both active and passive management options.
  • Once the managers are reaffirmed and/or selected, provide assistance to the trustees in implementing the IPS and making the selected dollar allocations among the various investment managers.
  • On a quarterly basis, provide reports summarizing the performance of the portfolio compared to a blended asset class benchmark. The report also includes an analysis of each fund manager’s performance relative to an appropriate asset class benchmark. Review meetings are conducted annually, semi-annually or quarterly.