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The Top Money Lessons You Learn Watching Game of Thrones

GoT fans….this one is for you…. (By Michelle Lambright Black for MoneyWise).

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What Lin-Manuel Miranda Wishes He Had Known About Money in His 20s

Debt need not always have a negative connotation. In fact, to cultivate a healthy credit score, one must show the ability to handle debt.  Rather than fall into the trap of acquiring too much debt, many millennials shy away from credit cards and other debt instruments. Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda recounts his relationship with debt in this article published in the Washington Post.  Debt is not an enemy. As Alexander Hamilton once said, “A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing.”

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Harvard Endowment Fund Will Cut Half of its 230 Employees

With performance that trails its peers, Harvard plans to cut its endowment’s investment group by half.

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With $50m, Bloomberg Thanks Museum of Science

Congratulations to the Museum of Science, Boston and Michael Bloomberg on this extraordinary gift!

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Who Stands to Inherit Prince’s Estate?

With the passing of Prince last week, the world lost another cultural icon. Surprisingly, Prince died intestate, or without a will. His estate will now go through probate. It is surprising that such a super-star would not have planned for his estate, however, he is not the only celebrity to pass without a will.

Who Stands to Inherit Prince’s Estate

17 Famous People Who Died Without a Will

Seven Things You Should Know About the Art Market

Is art an asset class? Many collect works of art not only for aesthetic appeal but for the hopes that they will see a healthy return on their investment. The marketplace for art has grown and has become more complex. In his recent entry in the EconoMonoitor, Noriel Roubini argues that art is indeed a unique asset class and should, therefore, adopt reforms and regulations to ensure market transparency.

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