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China Is Investing In Developing Countries – What Is It Really Up To?

Writing on the London School of Economics Business Review’s blog, Isabella Neuweg looks at current trends in the Chinese economy.  Where is the country investing?  How has it made a impact in developing countries and energy infrastructure?

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Trump’s Paris Agreement Withdrawal: What it Means and What Comes Next

This recent article published by the Brookings Institution examines what is next for both the United States and the Paris Climate Agreement in the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to leave the accord. The article provides the perspective of several of Brooking’s fellows, directors and academics.

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Trump Slump Coming?

Paul Krugman explains his opinion about Trump’s economic policies and the potential damage to the movement to mitigate climate change stating, “There is always a disconnect between what is good for society, or even the economy, in the long run, and what is good for economic performance over the next few quarters.”

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In the Struggle Over Climate Change, Investors Must Act

Writing for Institutional Investor, Howard Covington presents his opinion of the impact climate change has on the markets. In the article, he predicts possible future energy demand and consumption trends.

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Google’s Newest Renewable Energy Investment: Africa’s Biggest Wind Farm

Google recently announced its significant investment in Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power Project – one of several investments in renewable energy the company has made in the past few years. This article written by Chelsea Harvey for the Washington Post looks at the importance of this venture for Africa and in the fight against climate change.

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How Renewable Energy Could Make Climate Treaties Moot

This December, world leaders have gathered in Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. As the world looks for answers on how to curb global warming, this recent article written by Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson for Scientific American looks at how investing in renewable energy sources could help solve this problem.

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