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The Chart Room

Buffett Says Berkshire Buying Own Stock, More Apple

Where is the Oracle of Omaha investing these days? Writing for Reuters, Jonathan Stempel and Trevor Hunnicutt explore the latest insight from Warren Buffett.

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The S&P 500 Remains Relevant at 60

Writing for Morningstar, Kevin McDevitt, CFA, takes a close look at the history of the S&P 500. He analyzes what has made this index relevant to investors over the last 60 years. He also considers why a true rival has never supplanted its importance.

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Warren Buffett Bet $500K That Hedge Funds Couldn’t Beat a Vanguard Index Fund

Nine years ago, Warren Buffett gave the hedge fund world a challenge. He took a gamble that an unmanaged S&P Index Fund would out-perform a collection of well-managed hedge funds over a 10-year period. Was he right?

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These Timeless Investing Principles Made Warren Buffett Rich

In an opinion piece for MarketWatch, Professor Lawrence Cunningham looks at Warren Buffett’s investment style. In particular, he looks at Buffett’s strategy of investing with a “margin of safety.”

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Here’s What Buffett Wouldn’t Do, and Maybe You Shouldn’t Either

Bloomberg has summarized some highlights from Warren Buffett’s speeches and annual letters relating to investing and management over the years. He stresses the importance of keeping perspective when investing, the role of cash and diversification.

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How Much of Your Nest Egg to Put Into Stocks? All of It

Writing for the New York Times, David Levine looks at the logistics of a portfolio invested 100% in stocks.

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Warren Buffett to heirs: Put my estate in index funds

In this article from Market Watch, Buffett explains why he likes Index Funds and suggests that investors should “…ignore the chatter, keep your costs minimal, and invest in stocks as you would in a farm.”
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