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An Unlikely Effect of Jack Bogle’s Creation: Helping to Keep Inflation Low

The legacy and impact of John “Jack” Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group, is beautifully highlighted in this recent New York Times article by Jeff Sommer.

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Passive Beats Active Management

Writing for the London Business School Review, Professor Steven Schaefer weighs in on active vs. passive investment management.  To analyze the topic, he highlights his 2017 conversation with Nobel Prize winner Professor Eugene Fama, which took place at the London Business School’s 3rd Annual Insight Summit Conference.

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How To Avoid A Shark Attack

What does a shark attack look like for an investor?  How can one safely navigate through rough seas to obtain financial goals?  Are sharks circling now? Jeffrey Kleintop, CFA, Senior Vice President, Chief Global Investment Strategist for Charles Schwab recently addressed this topic for Schwab’s Market Commentary. 

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Warren Buffett Bet $500K That Hedge Funds Couldn’t Beat a Vanguard Index Fund

Nine years ago, Warren Buffett gave the hedge fund world a challenge. He took a gamble that an unmanaged S&P Index Fund would out-perform a collection of well-managed hedge funds over a 10-year period. Was he right?

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These Timeless Investing Principles Made Warren Buffett Rich

In an opinion piece for MarketWatch, Professor Lawrence Cunningham looks at Warren Buffett’s investment style. In particular, he looks at Buffett’s strategy of investing with a “margin of safety.”

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The Best Investing Advice Has Always Been Too Boring for TV

When stock markets plummet or reach all-time highs, many financial media outlets are lining up to tell you what’s best for your investments. Harold Pollack wrote this piece for The Atlantic which does a great job of explaining the pitfalls of trying to time the market and makes a call for practical and real financial advice.

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Why Mutual Fund Managers Are Having a Bad Year

In this article, Ross Kerber of Reuters explores why 85% of active large-cap stock funds are lagging their benchmarks. Kerber explains how active managers are trying to attract attention to capture and retain business.

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Rules of the Fund Road

“Watch the fees and don’t look back.” This quote is the take away from an article in the New York Times which details the findings of a recent Morningstar study that shows how low-cost funds are more likely to succeed.
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The Illogic of Active Trading

More insight on behavioral finance from Carl Richards.
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Warren Buffett to heirs: Put my estate in index funds

In this article from Market Watch, Buffett explains why he likes Index Funds and suggests that investors should “…ignore the chatter, keep your costs minimal, and invest in stocks as you would in a farm.”
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