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Helping Women Over 50 Face Their Financial Fears

This recent article written by Abby Ellin for the New York Times looks at resources available to help women manage their resources and plan for the future. The article highlights seminars and lectures that guide women in advocating for their financial health and their family’s affairs.

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Who Stands to Inherit Prince’s Estate?

With the passing of Prince last week, the world lost another cultural icon. Surprisingly, Prince died intestate, or without a will. His estate will now go through probate. It is surprising that such a super-star would not have planned for his estate, however, he is not the only celebrity to pass without a will.

Who Stands to Inherit Prince’s Estate

17 Famous People Who Died Without a Will

Unless You Are Spock, Irrelevant Things Matter in Economic Behavior

Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business explores behavioral economics in this recent article published by the New York Times. In particular, he looks at retirement savings and how behavioral economics can be used to encourage people to save more.

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New Math for Retirees and the 4% Withdrawal Rule

Writing for the New York Times, Tara Siegel Bernard provide us with the history of the 4% retirement spending rule, how it came to be, and its relevance today.

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Downtonomics: A fictional estate’s troubles echo in the modern world

More for our Downton Abbey followers…this Washington Post article looks at the 20th century economics of Downton and finds striking comparisons with our 21st century society.
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