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Jeremy Grantham’s vision for saving the world through impact investing

In this article from Pensions & Investments, Jeremy Grantham explains what drives him to focus on, “dealing with long-term, underrated problems: climate change, resources limitations, population bust, toxicity and, if you insist, acute inequality.”

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Grantham Foundation

Investor Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of the asset management firm GMO established the Grantham Foundation.  The Grantham Foundation is non-profit that focuses on investing in and granting to companies and institutions that are developing solutions to climate change.

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On Climate Change, Some Politicians Need a Crash Course in Capitalism

Michael Bloomberg shares his thoughts on recent developments regarding the politically charged attempts to bring restrictions on ESG focused investments.  He argues that climate risk is financial risk and is an important factor for investors to consider.

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Massachusetts Passes a Massive Climate and Clean Energy Bill

The Washington Post reports on a new climate and clean-energy bill that was recently signed by Gov. Charlie Baker.  This move helps move Massachusetts towards its goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, including funding for off-shore wind, electric grid improvements, a ban prohibiting car dealerships from selling new gas- or diesel-powered vehicles after 2035, incentives for electric vehicles and appliances, and additional provisions focused on natural gas.

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What the Inflation Reduction Act Incentives Mean for Your Wallet

NPR lists just a few of the ways that the Inflation Protection Act can help consumers reduce their electric bills and fight climate change using tax credits for purchasing efficient electronic appliances, solar and electric vehicle credits.

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Speeding Up the Transition Toward Clean Energy

In this interview with Olivia Wassenaar, the head of Apollo Global Management’s sustainable investing platform, we learn about the need for increased urgency in advancing the transition toward cleaner, renewable energy sources.  The recent geopolitical challenges have reminded the world how reliant we are on fossil fuels and how far we are from a true shift toward clean energy.

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The Unstoppably Good News about Clean Energy

In this interview with Canary Media, energy strategist Kingsmill Bond from the think Carbon Tracker says the transition to renewables is inevitable based on sheer economics.

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Pax Global Environmental Markets Fund Sustainability & Impact Profile

Pax World Funds recently released its Sustainability & Impact Profile Report.
The Company stated in the release of this report (May 2021) that the document will help “..provide evidence of the Fund’s measurable, positive impact.”

COVID-19, Climate Change, And The Need For A New Marshall Plan

Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of Boston-based asset management company GMO, LLC, offers his insight on fiscal reforms that could benefit the U.S. economy and help reshape the global marketplace.

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Creating A Sustainable Economy

Will nations collaborate to stave off climate change and create a sustainable economy?  That is the topic of discussion at the 2019 Climate Change Summit held recently at UN headquarters in New York.  It is also a topic lately examined by Dr. Julie Gorte, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Investing at Pax World Funds.

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