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What a Yield-Curve Inversion Really Says About the U.S. Economy

Can the yield-curve really predict the economic future?  Writing for Bloomberg Businessweek, Peter Coy looks at the yield-curve and what it means in the current financial and political landscape.

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Ten Years after the Financial Meltdown: What Have We Learned?

It has been 10 years since the Lehman Brother’s collapse.  Did the U.S. economy learn a valuable lesson?  Does the banking system look much different from 10 years ago?  Writing for Stanford University’s Business School Magazine, Insights, Edmund Andrews interviewed Stanford Professors Darrell Duffie and Amit Seru.

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Trade War Or A War Of Words?

The prospect of imposing new tariffs against China has been making headlines.  China has responded in-kind with similar threats.  What would be the impact of tariffs on the U.S., Chinese & global economies? To help explain tariffs and their ramifications, Christian Camerota of the Harvard Business School interviewed HBS faculty members Professor William Kirby (T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies, Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration) and Professor Willy Shih (Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Management Practice in Business Administration).

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Does Lowering the Corporate Tax Rate Spur Economic Growth?

Much research and analysis is being conducted to determine how the new tax reform will benefit the American economy.  A recent article published by KelloggInsight looks at the work of Sergio Rebelo and Nir Jaimovich, which focuses on the impact of corporate tax changes.

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TPP: Why the U.S. Withdrawal Could Be a Boon for China

What will international trade look like now that the U.S. has left TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations? This recent article published in Knowledge@Wharton examines the TPP and how the US will forge future trade agreements in the region.

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How Will Trump’s Policies Affect the U.S. Economy?

President Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Business in 1968. In this recent article in Knowledge@Wharton, current Wharton faculty offer their opinion on the future of the US economy under the Trump administration.

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Factbox: Market Participants React to U.S. Presidential Debate

Curious how the recent presidential debate impacted the markets? This timely article from Reuters gives various reactions from market experts.

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Fed to Raise Rates Twice This Year but Conviction Fading

Will the Fed raise rates again? If so, when? This is the question currently being pondered by many economists and explored in this article by Anu Bararia for Reuters.

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What Doesn’t Kill Bull Market in Stocks May Make It Stronger

This recent article written by Lu Wang for Bloomberg looks at current trends in the market. Can a bull market continue in 2016?

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Trump or Clinton: Who’s Better for Investors?

Presidential primaries and caucuses are in full swing! This week, John Kimelman writting for Barron’s looks at the potential impact two nominees could have on the markets should either become President of the United States.

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