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The Chart Room

Do Your Investments Actually Help You Reach Your Goals?

Certified Financial Planner, Carl Richards, contributes a weekly blog to the New York Times. Famous for his napkin drawings, he provides insight into the field of behavioral finance. Recently, he looked at the importance of matching investment strategy to personal goals.

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Let Go of Irrational Fears

In this recent New York Times article, Carl Richards looks at the emotion of fear and how it can impact investors and investment decisions.

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The Investing Signals to Listen To? They’re Personal, Not in the Markets

Writing for the New York Times, Carl Richards looks at behavioral economics and how investors react to noise and signals in the stock market. His advice: create an investment plan that is aligned with your personal goals and not with the media headlines.

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Living Your True Wealth

Does the question “how much money do you make?” leave you feeling uneasy? You are not alone. Carl Richards’ recent article in the New York Times uses this question to explore personal financial decisions and our relationship with the concept of wealth.

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The Illogic of Active Trading

More insight on behavioral finance from Carl Richards.
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The Perils of Ascribing Meaning to a Random Event

Carl Richards looks at the meaning of randomness in life and finance.
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