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The Chart Room

Trade War From The Chinese Side

Writing for Forbes, Milton Ezrati examines the U.S.-China trade war by the numbers. What ramifications are already being felt by citizens in both countries?

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How Can Turkey Overcome Its Economic Troubles?

The crisis in Turkey has been making headlines around the world.  The country’s current political and economic instability has been a major talking point among scholars, politicians and investors alike. This recent article published by Knowledge@Wharton highlights the opinions of Wharton Professors Philip Nichols and Joao Gomes on the topic.

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Oil Prices Decline More Than 5 Percent as Stockpiles Increase

Clifford Kraus of the New York Times details the reasons behind oil’s recent plunge in prices. Despite the rise in tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the increased oil supply continues to put downward pressure on oil prices. Oil producers continue to ramp up production in an attempt to retain market share. The resulting lower oil prices are a boon to the economies of many energy importing countries.

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Pricing an Economic Good Called Water

Is water a social good or an economic commodity? Or both? In her interview with Junaid Kamal Ahmad, Head of the World Bank’s Water Global Practice Group, Kaitlin Ugolik writing for Institutional Investor explores topics that concern the world’s water supply. How are countries learning from each other? How is water priced? How can governments ensure access to and the security of the water supply?

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