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Bloomberg Pledges $15M to UN to Cover US Climate Share

Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg, L.P. and former mayor of New York City, has pledged $15 million from his philanthropic foundation to support the Paris Climate Agreement. This donation comes in response to President Trump’s decision to pull-out of the accord. The $15 million will go towards the United States’ responsibility of the Agreement’s operating budget. The details of this contribution are outlined in this recent article by John Bowden writing for The Hill.

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Market Forces May Impact Emissions More Than Climate Agreements

Just prior to President Trump’s decision to pull-out of the Paris agreement, NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday looked at the impact of the U.S. leaving the Paris Climate Deal. What really would be the ramifications for the U.S.?

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G7 Leaders Divided on Climate Change, Closer on Trade Issues

Writing for Reuters, John Irish & Crispian Balmer look at the topics discussed during the May G7 summit in Italy.  The authors explore issues where the countries found agreement as well as more divisive subjects.

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Trump Slump Coming?

Paul Krugman explains his opinion about Trump’s economic policies and the potential damage to the movement to mitigate climate change stating, “There is always a disconnect between what is good for society, or even the economy, in the long run, and what is good for economic performance over the next few quarters.”

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In the Struggle Over Climate Change, Investors Must Act

Writing for Institutional Investor, Howard Covington presents his opinion of the impact climate change has on the markets. In the article, he predicts possible future energy demand and consumption trends.

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Let’s Hail the Paris Climate Change Agreement and Get to Work

The urgent, long overdue challenge of implementation now begins, writes Jeffrey Sachs. The transition from diplomacy to implementation is now necessary and delays could be costly.

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Inside the Paris Climate Deal

The New York Times has put together this summarized view of the text of the climate pact. 195 countries participated in its creation.

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Pricing an Economic Good Called Water

Is water a social good or an economic commodity? Or both? In her interview with Junaid Kamal Ahmad, Head of the World Bank’s Water Global Practice Group, Kaitlin Ugolik writing for Institutional Investor explores topics that concern the world’s water supply. How are countries learning from each other? How is water priced? How can governments ensure access to and the security of the water supply?

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