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The Chart Room

Emerging Markets Q2 2016 Recap: Brexit Could Offer Silver Lining for Some

Mark Mobius looks at how the Emerging Markets fared in Q2 2016, including the impact of the Brexit vote on these economies.

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Jeremy Siegel: The Impact of the Brexit Vote on Markets

The Wharton School’s Jeremy Siegel, Professor of Finance, offers his insight on the Brexit vote with this interview in Knowledge@Wharton.

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The More It Hurts, the More You Make: Investing After Brexit

Writing for the WSJ’s MoneyBeat, Jason Zweig provides some financial insight into the markets post-Brexit vote.

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‘Brexit’: Explaining Britain’s Vote on European Union Membership

The New York Times has put together this brief summary of the Brexit and what it means to the EU, Britain and investors. It gives a good top level perspective of the vote and its ramifications.

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Brexit Watch Indicators

Bloomberg provides an excellent overview of the Brexit debate.  Indicators used include up-to-date poll trackers, a synopsis of the debate itself and how the pound sterling has performed coming up to the June 23rd election.

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A background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union

A graphical guide to the Brexit provided by the Economist magazine which does a great job at not only explaining the issues involved, but putting them into an easy to follow presentation using a variety of charts and illustrations.

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What are the UK’s options outside the European Union?

Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science looks at the positive and negative ramifications of the UK leaving the European Union.

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