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Pimco Adviser’s ‘Trade of a Decade’ Beckons in Emerging Markets

Writing for Bloomberg.com, Ben Bartenstein looks at Emerging Markets investments in the current economic environment. In particular, he interviews Christopher Brightman, CIO of Research Affiliates, to gain valuable insight for Bloomberg’s readers.

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What Is Fueling the Ecommerce Boom in China?

Nouriel Roubini takes an in-depth look at e-commerce in China with this recent addition in the EconoMonitor. What makes China the largest market for e-commerce? In addition, can it continue to grow?

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Emerging-Market Equity 2017 Outlook

What does 2017 have in store for Emerging Market investments? Will Federal Reserve decisions have a significant impact? Dr. Mark Mobius and Stephen Dover examine this topic in a recent blog entry in Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets.

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It’s The Perfect Time To Invest In Emerging Markets

Seeking Alpha examines emerging markets today in this recent blog entry. In particular, the entry looks at the economies of China and Russia.

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Rio de Janeiro Governor Declares State of Financial Emergency Ahead of Olympics

The Olympics are just around the corner! Yet, will Rio be ready? This article recently published by Jonathan Watts for The Guardian looks at the financial fitness of the host city.

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Emerging Markets Q2 2016 Recap: Brexit Could Offer Silver Lining for Some

Mark Mobius looks at how the Emerging Markets fared in Q2 2016, including the impact of the Brexit vote on these economies.

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Emerging Markets Q1 2016 Recap: A Turn in Fortunes

In his recent blog entry, Mark Mobius gives his overall impression of the Emerging Markets for Q1 2016. Countries analyzed include Russia, Brazil, China and India.

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What is an Emerging Market?

Are you curious what constitutes an Emerging Market and how this definition differs between index providers? Jonathan Wheatly writing for the Financial Times published this article in August of 2015 to help explain the classification process.

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Redefining EM: Choosing the Best Matrix

The Financial Times has run several articles in 2015 looking at Emerging Markets. This article published by James Kynge examines new ways companies are looking to define Emerging Markets.

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Why Emerging Markets Investing Is Well Worth the Risk

Dr. Burton Malkiel analyzes the risks and rewards of investing in Emerging Markets in this recent publication by Think Advisor.

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