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A Greek ‘Deal’ Does Not Solve the Eurozone’s Woes

Greece has been given 4 month’s pause to consider its future, but will it work? Writing for the Wall Street Journal’s Money Beat, Alen Mattich explores the tensions surrounding the Greek bailout and current negotiations.

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Europe in 2015: Uncertain, Uneven and Unpredictable

Knowledge@Wharton has released a comprehensive article on the economic struggles facing Europe today. This article looks at both the challenges facing individual countries, such as Greece and Germany, as well as Europe as a whole.

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Deflation: Why Europe’s Problem is Everyone’s Problem

The Eurozone will be starting its own Quantitative Easing (QE) plan to help improve the region’s economy and recovery. This recent article published by Knowlege@Wharton examines the impact of deflation in Europe and ponders the question, “will QE work?”

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Independence Movements: Europe’s Paradox

Nouriel Roubini offers his insight on the European Union in his latest Roubini’s Edge blog entry. Roubini reflects on the Eurozone, its current economic issues and the role of national authorities. Within this context, he also narrows in on movements of secession seen in Europe.

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Greece: Germany warns over debt commitments

Greece has just sworn in the leader of its anti-austerity party as Prime Minister. Greece still has obligations to meet tied to its bailout funded by the IMF, European Union and the European Central Bank. This article recently published by the BBC looks at the challenges facing Greece and the importance of upcoming economic negotiations.

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