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Africa’s Electrifying Future

What will drive African development? This question was discussed at the most recent Davos meeting. Growth in infrastructure will be a key component to this development.  In particular, expanding and strengthening its power supply will be crucial and is presenting exciting opportunities. Mark Mobius explores the current African electricity infrastructure and the various companies developing solutions in the region.

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Focus on Long-Term Fundamentals, Not Fears

In his latest blog entry, Dr. Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, offers his insight into the current volatility of the global marketplace. Using behavioral finance and traditional finance theory fundamentals, Mobius posits the benefits of holding fast to long-term investment goals in the face of a period of uncertainty.

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A Quarter Century of Emerging-Markets Investing

Mark Mobius gives a brief history of Emerging Market investing (including his own personal experience and observations) in a recent blog post.
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Ignore Emerging Market Fears, Says Mobius

Mark Mobius provides his observation of current trends in Emerging Markets as well as insight into his investment methodology.
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The Emerging Markets Sell-Off

Thoughts about the recent Emerging Markets sell-off from investment experts Mark Mobius and Jim O’Neil. Could this present a buying opportunity?
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