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Changes to the Emerging Markets Club: China (A Shares), Argentina and Saudi Arabia

There have been recent changes in the Emerging Markets Indexes.  Writing for Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets, Dina Ting and Louis Hsu look at the Chinese, Agentinian and Saudi Arabian economies.

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Saudi Arabia’s First Successful Play for Emerging-Market Status

Saudi Arabia is now considered a Secondary Emerging Markets per the FTSE Russell Global Equity Index. This upgrade could have a huge impact on the Saudi economy and its influence in the global marketplace.  This recent blog entry published in Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets by Bassel Khatoun and Salah Shamma helps readers understand how Saudi Arabia reached this status as well as what may lie ahead.

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Saudi Arabia’s Post-Oil Future

This recent article published by The Economist investigates the efforts of Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman to make his country free from oil dependency by 2020. The article also looks at the progress of other policies explored by the Prince, including boosting the number of women in the Saudi workforce.

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